Re-bedding and Re-pointing of Ridgecaps


Ridgecaps coming loose? Whether it's a few or the whole roof, Perth Roof & Gutter Repairs can offer you a complete ridge cap repair and replacement service.  This includes re-bedding your ridge caps to ensure they are all firmly secured to your roof, replacing any chipped or cracked ones along the way.  We then re-point the ridgecaps with a flexible pointing compound. This acts to seal any gaps between the capping and roof tiles, and also forms a waterproof barrier to prevent leaks. And our specifically trained tradesmen do all this to the highest of standards, ensuring a neat and precise job.


Perth Roof & Gutter Repairs use only the best material for bedding and pointing - a flexible acrylic-based compound that doesn't crack like the alternative concrete-based products do. This means your ridgecaps will stay in tip-top condition for years to come.




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Metro Gutters Are Perth's Most Trusted Re Guttering Professionals


24hrs Gutter Repairs In Perth


Perth's Leading Installer of Colorbond Gutters


Residential Gutter replacements


Downpipes, Fascia & Whirlybird installations


We stand by all of our work


Best Price Guarantee



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Why Perth Household's Are Choosing Metro Gutters?


When it comes to new gutter installation in Perth you can’t go past the experience and professionalism of Metro Gutters.


Not only does Metro Gutters offer a FREE onsite quote, but we will also beat any genuine written quote. So before you engage in another guttering company talk to Perth's most trusted guttering company - Metro Gutters.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much experience do you have?


Metro Gutters is a trusted business and has over 20 years experience in the guttering industry.


2. Do you use BlueScope COLORBOND steel?


Yes. We are proud providers and suppliers of BlueScope COLORBOND steel.


3. How long does a gutter installation take?


An average gutter replacement job will usually get done in a day, but as with any trade work it really depends on the size and how much work is involved.


4. Do you create a lot of mess?


No. As part of our procedures we take away all the rubbish and old gutters.


5. What does your guarantee cover?


BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of up to 20 years from date of installation against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements for COLORBOND steel Gutters, Fascia and Downpipes. BlueScope Steel also warrants for up to 20 years from date of installation that the paint system on COLORBOND steel will not flake or peel due to weathering in the natural elements when used as Eave Gutters and Downpipes ONLY.


6. Have you got insurance?


Yes. All our tradesmen are covered for personal injury and property damage.


7. How long until you can start?


From the time you place your order, we can usually start in 1-2 weeks. Although special arrangements can be made if required.


8. Why should I choose Metro Gutters?


We are an owner-operated business with 20 years experience, and rely heavily on referral work. Not being tied to any manufacturers, we use only what we consider to be the best quality products for your requirements. As the owner, I am the person who gives the quotes - leaving out pushy salespeople and commission fees, passing on the savings to you!



Customer testimonials


   After searching for suitable trades people to replace my gutters and down pipes, A roof tiler recommended I try Metro Gutters. He said when repairing roofs, he had followed Metro Gutters work and guaranteed it as was always first class.


   Jason's quote was competitive, but the important part of our conversation was he explained carefully what he would need to do, which left me with confidence that the job would be completely successfully..


   The Home is very old, the existing gutters in terrible condition filled with years of dirt and growth. At times Jason had to invent ways of working and repairing difficult situations placed by previous owners "make do" work.


Terri Harrold



   I'd like to thank the team at Metro Gutters for their professional and outstanding customer service, from the quote right up the completion of the job. I will definitely recommend Metro Gutters to family and friends



Canning Vale

metro gutters offers new gutter quotes in perth

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Access Gutters

Access Independant Gutters only uses GENUINE Australian Bluescope Colorbond Materials, which we buy from Lysaht & CMI .Just recently Bluecope steel has brought out there latest generation of Colorbond which now incorperates up to a 36 YEAR WARRANTY! on the roofing range.


We use 90mm base standard gutters which are the largest standard perth gutter available - this Is the Ranceline(refer to photos).With the weather these days your guttering needs to have a higher water capacity , and thats just what the ranceline does.


Our pricing will suprise you as our rates are fair and very competitive.


We do pensioner discount to genuine pensioners.


All standards of workmanship are at the highest level upon completion of each job leaving you with a guarantee that your gutters will perform perfectly. Our advice prior will help you decide on the best profile,colours and sizes avialable .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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11 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_1 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_2


Design with the colours of Australia


From the mountains to the outback, from our creek beds to our sand dunes, COLORBOND® steel captures the light and energy that make Australian colours so identifiable.


You'll find 22 inspired colour choices suited to any Australian home and roof – contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex or concave.

Made for Australian Conditions


With a durable, baked-on paint finish, COLORBOND® steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance. Non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure, it protects any home against harsh Australian conditions.

Tested and proven for over 45 years


With outstanding anti-corrosion performance, COLORBOND® steel is one of the toughest, most advanced building materials in the world. Tried and tested over the past 45 years in some of the harshest climates across Australia. So you can be sure COLORBOND® steel not only looks beautiful, but lasts beautifully.

Lighten your load


COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_3 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_4 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_5 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_6 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_7

Thermatech® technology optimises the solar reflectance properties of 21 COLORBOND® steel standard roofing and walling colours*.


*Thermatech® technology is not available in the colour Night Sky® and is not available in COLORBOND® Stainless steel.


Thermatech® technology was first introduced to COLORBOND® steel standard roofing and walling colours in 2008. In 2013, six new colours were added to the standard COLORBOND® steel standard range, four new shades of grey – Basalt™, Wallaby™, Gully™ and Cove™ – a eucalypt green called Mangrove™, and a rich red called Terrain®. During the development of these new colours Thermatech® technology was incorporated as a standard feature.

Towards a sustainable future


Steel is 100% recyclable and is one of the world's most reused products. It's lightweight, making it more efficient and cost effective to transport. It's delivered pre-cut to building sites so there's less on-site wastage and less impact on the site and surroundings. A roof made from COLORBOND® steel provides good looks for you and long term advantages for the environment by enabling more efficient use of resources.

Made and backed by Australian owned BlueScope


From roofing to guttering, fascia to downpipes, BlueScope Steel offers a range of warranties for COLORBOND® steel used in a range of various applications. Activate or apply for your pre-approved warranty at

COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_8 COLORBOND-steel-Brochure.pdf_page_9